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Episode 14
You Don't Need Permission to Create / A Conversation with Haseeb Qureshi

"If you don’t create it… who else will?"
...Haseeb Qureshi

Haseeb Qureshi is a man of many talents. Lawyer, self-taught coder, entrepreneur, teacher, mentor, and ... skateboarder? In addition to all of those things, Haseeb has become a thought-leader and a teacher during the pandemic, working with the City of Knoxville and local entrepreneuers to help Knoxville businesses make sense of the Cares Act.

Tune in for some wise words straight from the mouth of this ollie-kick-flipping lawyer/entrepreneur!  

Visit for soooooo much information on the CARES Act, PPP, and just about everything else that's on everyones' mind.
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