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Episode 16
Kim Leonard and Wolfgang Streitborger, Department of Tourism Development

"Tourism is an industry, and what we really do is economic development."

Wherein Kim Leonard and Wolfgang Streitborger talk about their specific roles within the Tourism Development department of Tennessee, and what Tennessee means to the rest of the world. Kim, the Tennessee Tourism Development Director of Sales, comes to us with a sales and value perspective while Wolfgang talks about how the uniqueness of Tennessee and how it attracts German and western European audiences for weeks at a time. Wolfgang is the Tennessee Tourism Development German Representative.

This edition of the podcast was recorded live at the Music City Center in Nashville, TN, at the Governor's Conference on Tourism. We spoke with over twenty industry leaders across the state to discover the stories "behind Tennessee Tourism.” Best Behavior Creative Club is one of many original productions for Designsensory, positioned to act as a catalyst for additional original podcasts, limited series, and various other forms of content.
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