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episode 12
Collective Character and What Really Matters in Crisis / A Conversation with Joseph Nother

Chris McAdoo sits down (with appropriate distance, of course) with co-founder and executive creative director of Designsensory, Joseph Nother. During this Covid-19 crisis, businesses have had to adjust quickly to a new reality - where we're not all sitting across from each other, and the water cooler has become our own kitchens. We dig into the tactical and strategic decisions we've made to build up our team and continue to collaborate - create amazing, thoughtful work during turbulant times for the state of TN. We  also take a deep dive into what this experience is teaching us about appreciation, patience...and empathy. What lessons can we learn that can be carried forward, and how will they positively change the ways we work, and live. Thanks for listening.

Click on the link below to see the anthem video created for the State of TN's Covid-19 and tornado relief efforts (in a little under 48 hours).
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