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Episode 17
Creativity, Entrepreneurship, and the Beauty of Baked Goods with the legendary Dale Mackey.

Dale Mackey is one part creative, one part chef, with a large helping of entrepreneur. As the brains and skills behind Dale's Fried Pies, she's been featured by everyone from Martha Stewart and Huffpost to Garden & Gun, and as co-founder of the Central Collective, an eclectic, creative event space in downtown Knoxville - she's found her passion for bringing people together.

Chris and Dale dig into what it means to balance creativity with business sense - and how she is working hard to maintain the community spirit of the Central Collective during the pandemic. Also, as it turns out - folks are hungry for pies and she's been shipping them all over the United States. Customers love the classic fruit pies, but Mackey loves her weirder flavors like chili mango with cardamom cream cheese. Get 'em in your belly: and check out the Central Collective while you're at it.
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