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Episode 15
Changing EVERYTHING / Brian Strutz of A Dopo Pizza

"We doubled our output AND sold out in a third of the time."
...Brian Strutz

Chris and Brad order take out for 2 from A Dopo Pizza in Knoxville, and during their socially distant picnic, the boys interview one of the most buzz-worthy and passionate dough-shapers in the state of Tennessee: Brian Strutz; the man, the myth, the legendary pizza maker!

On March 13th, 2020, Brian got the call that his thriving downtown pizza shop would be forced to close it's doors due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Brian and his team took that as a challenge, closed down for eight days - and came back stronger than ever with big ideas, updated recipes,  and an all-new way of doing business. You'll learn what drives Brian's creative spirit - and the tactical business decisions that have set A Dopo up for long-term success, even in tough times.

Order some 'Za HERE (but do it quick - online ordering typically sells out in less than an hour):

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