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Episode 3
How to stay true to yourself (and your brand) with Caitlin Gouge

“Stay true to your brand and make sure that every piece of content and every interaction that you're putting out there goes back to who your brand is at its core. At the Island, we’re very authentic, very open and honest on our social media, and a lot of brands are a little too scared to be that way.”

Episode 2 is live! We hang out with marketing director, influencer, social media machine, and super mom, Caitlin Gouge. She’s been at the helm of marketing The Island In Pigeon Forge for almost five years, and it’s been a wild ride from breaking ground to becoming one of Trip Advisor’s top ten destinations. Right off the bat, you’ll hear Caitlin’s passion and her dedication to craft…and her unwillingness to compromise her (or a brand’s values). Its an inspiring conversation that will leave you with a lot to think about, and some really great tactics to bring to yourself, and your brand. Hint: Listen 'til the end to hear excited she gets about LinkedIn (seriously).
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