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A podcast for people that make things ... and make things happen.
We’re going to nourish your creativity. We’re going to reenergize your spirit. We’re going to inspire you to be more innovative. We’re going to spark new thinking. And...we’re doing it for free. Our host, Chris McAdoo, takes you behind the scenes with experts in creativity, business, technology, and marketing. Together we'll uncover what it takes to drive engagement, grow a brand, pursue a passion, and nourish a creative life.
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A podcast for people that make things ... and make things happen.
From the hungry freelancer to the successful CEO, this is a podcast for the people that make things, and make things happen. Our host, artist, entrepreneur, and creative director, Chris McAdoo, takes you behind the scenes with experts in creativity, business, technology, and marketing. Together we'll uncover what it takes to drive engagement, grow a brand, pursue a passion, and nourish a creative life.

Behind the Mic / Behind the Scenes

Chris McAdoo

Host, Creative Director

Artist and entrepreneur Chris McAdoo has a creative pedigree spanning almost twenty years - from founding his first company at 21 to a career as a painter and printmaker. Chris turns ideas and concepts into something tangible and enjoyable.

Brad Carpenter

Producer, Influencer Specialist

Handsome. Renaissance man. Producer of podcasts. Day-to-day, Brad works with influencers organizing marketing campaigns that genuinely make people say, “I have to try this.” He also enjoys comic books.

Joseph Nother

Executive Producer, Co-Founder Designsensory

As a life-long creative, Joseph’s approach to business is holistic and design-centric. In his role as a founder, he oversees teams that solve complex challenges with thoughtful strategy, art, narrative, and technology as he looks for what’s next in the advertising world.

Chris & Brad interview Kate Wolff, CEO at Lupine Creative & Co-Chair at Do the WeRQ

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episode 22

SEASON ONE HOLDOVER: Kate Wolff, Boss Lady to Rule Them All

Grab a box of tissues and put on your thinking cap--This episode is a glass cage of emotion.

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episode 21

Season One Finale

"Art matters in these times. It's who we are."

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Episode 20

Knoxville in the time of COVID with Alan Sims

There's never been a better to be a maker, you can put steps in place to achieve those dreams. What are you waiting for?

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Episode 19

The Power of Arts & Culture with Liza Zenni

Time to talk leadership in the hospitality industry, and the best ways for businesses and local events to survive, adapt, and thrive in uncertain times with Visit Knoxville President Kim Bumpas.

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Episode 18

Uncertain Times and Hospitality / A Conversation with Kim Bumpas

On this episode, we talk with pie-maker extraordinaire Dale Mackey, co-founder of The Central Collective - an eclectic, creative event space in Downtown Knoxville's Happy Holler district.

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Episode 17

Creativity, Entrepreneurship, and the Beauty of Baked Goods with the legendary Dale Mackey.

Knoxville, TN, native Paris Woodhull is an artist on the rise, and an entrepreneur at heart.

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Episode 16

Paris Woodhull is SERIOUS about making art on her own terms.

Create, learn, and don't be afraid of change. We learn a lot in our latest 865-focused episode with Brian Strutz, entrepreneur, chef, and the mind behind A Dopo Pizza.

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Episode 15

Changing EVERYTHING / Brian Strutz of A Dopo Pizza

Time to talk entrepreneurship, creativity in crisis, and the best ways for small, local businesses to survive, adapt, and thrive in uncertain times. Also... what the heck is a PPP?

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Episode 14

You Don't Need Permission to Create / A Conversation with Haseeb Qureshi

Designsensory's Director of Strategy, Josh Loebner, breaks down the past, present, and future of accessibility, disability and inclusion.

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episode 13

Getting Accessible / A Conversation with Josh Loebner

“Let’s come out of this smarter, stronger, and more humble…” - Joseph Nother

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episode 12

Collective Character and What Really Matters in Crisis / A Conversation with Joseph Nother

“I love ideas that are creative AND help others”

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Episode 11

Creating with a Purpose: Jeremy Cowart

Voice actor, comedian, radio personality, and the-dude-who-plays-the-dead-guy on many TV shows, Josh Brandon joins the Best Behavior Creative Club.

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Episode 10

"Reinvent / Redefine" with Josh Brandon

As an Executive Producer and digital host, Marianne Canada shares her expertise in digital media, content creation, and the craft of storytelling!

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Episode 9

"Staying Crafty" with Marianne Canada

Original stories, holiday memories from some of our own kiddos, and fun facts. Highlights include...KFC in Japan, Christmas creatures from Iceland...and A LOT of 1978 Star Wars Christmas Special.

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Episode 8

Best Behavior Christmas Spectacular

As marketing director of Brixx Pizza, Jenna Wise makes a lot of decisions - Where to focus, what to focus on, and how to get there in the first place.

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episode 7

"Recovering Perfectionist" Jenna Wise

A conversation with Mary Kellogg-Joslyn is a powerful thing. She’s a woman who has climbed the highest ranks at CBS to transform the modern talk show with “Morning with Regis & Kathie Lee” ...

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Episode 6

A Life Well Intentioned: Mary Kellogg-Joslyn

Musician David Francisco thought he would never walk again, much less stand on the stage of American Idol.

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Episode 5

Overcoming adversity, and what it takes to "make it": David Francisco

Tennessee Tourism commissioner Mark Ezell: How tourism and economic development go hand-in-hand, and how we can all contribute to lift up our communities.

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Episode 4

The Story of Tennessee Continues: Mark Ezell

Caitlin Gouge is a brand storyteller, digital marketer & PR Pro for The Island in Pigeon Forge.

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Episode 3

How to stay true to yourself (and your brand) with Caitlin Gouge

Chris McAdoo sits down with Designsensory's own Joseph Nother to talk story-telling, ongoing inspiration, and what it means to create with purpose.

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Episode 2

It's all about Storytelling: Joseph Nother

Chris McAdoo returns to the mic. Today, we usher in a new era of original programming. Say hello to Best Behavior Creative Club, a NEW podcast about people who make things... and make things happen.

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episode 1

The Return of Best Behavior!

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DS Original hosts Chris and Brad go "On the Road" to elevate your conference experience as podcast hosts, keynote speakers and session leaders with fun, engaging conversations with industry experts, content creators, and Influencers across any industry.
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